Poem: Pill

There’s a dark chasm that grins at you
and it’s been ten years since yesterday
yet the cuts and the scrapes shine through

Your higher self plummets to the low
yet your lower soul manages to fly right
so when it comes to living hell, boy you’ve grown

Your ghouls be dead yet they share your bed
and their laughs are coming from within you
so you’ve forgotten what your mama said

And your raspberry tears steam your ears
your clocks laughingly lose their time
and you be like this for daze all through the years

Didn’t magic teach you anything other
than the fact that it don’t exist
So pop yourself into light
and bruise without a punch
you pulled out but you did not resist

Fall to the ill
skate in the pill
you’ll get your fill
during the kill
live for the thrill
death requires no skill
except you must pay a bill…

© Brent Lienard

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