Poem: Crazy Normal

Inspired by the world’s most silent and misunderstood killer: mental illness.

Wakin’ up while sleepin’ dead  and fightin’ the shakes
my mind rattles in every direction before it breaks
all the while my nerve network incessantly bakes
I gotta live another day for everyone ‘s sake

The chemical love harmony my system fails to make
forces me to audobon speeds while I’m floorin’ the brakes
and though my supporters tell me I got what it takes
I can ride ragged or self-med with pizza, chips, and cakes

Alone in a crowd of millions you’re lost at sea
chronic brain sickness kills you while you try to be
what everyone else wants you to be without your negativity
and they cast judgement without understanding your story

You find yourself thankful that life’s not an eternity
and no more noise and brain chatter, promise of serenity
but you’re in the here and now, searching for equaniminity
all the while you must square off with Mr. Inadaquecy.

The others know you’re scared which makes them scared
They lecture you for not wearin’ a grin, but have they ever dared
to fight another day with the voices of demons poking and prodding
while trying to move steps forward despite what they’re plotting
It’s your brain, all the beauty and the madness will dance
and others  would probably be empathetic if they had the chance
The madmen order you to kill them by silencing yourself
but you try to rise to surface and put horrible notions on the shelf

You made it another day, not much to say, but you found your way
Tomorrow comes a new day, make your play, and do not sway
They’ll be back for some play, try to pray, make them pay
by living another day, watching what you say,
and perhaps by getting laid

Rinse, scream, cry, dream of death, repeat…

© Brent Lienard

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