Poem: The Moon Drew Blood

Had the shakes, had to bake, I was gonna break
to profess to you what I was gonna do
with my passion and loving you in your fashion
it was to be a night of confession without depression
where I proclaimed to you, my true blue
that our love would be forever new

But upon arrival, I saw you as a rival
and you had something to say, something to spray

You killed me with your frown, burning me down
you didn’t have to speak
and your body language reeked
and it was over before it started and I was brokenhearted
that it was to be the night we parted

You had the faith you had the heart
yet you had the magic
to make it all fall apart
The meeting was supposed to be sweet
It was supposed to be so sublime
But all was washed away with mud
And tonight will be remembered
as the night the moon drew blood

© Brent Lienard


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